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Musculo Skeletal Disorders

The treatment of musculo skeletal disorders can be initiated only after understanding the ailment in detail and after a thorough examination of the patient Dashavidha pariksha(10 fold examination of the patient), Trividha(3 fold examination)and Ashta stana pariksha. Panchakarma, Shamana chikitsa, Rasayana chikitsa etc can be done for the treatment of musculo skeletal disorders.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is a common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. It is a condition where hormonal imbalance affects the follicular growth during the ovarian cycle, causing the affected follicles to remain in the Ovary. In PCOD, the pituitary gland may release abnormally high amount of luteinizing hormone into your blood stream disrupting your normal menstrual cycle. As a result the follicle does not mature & ovulation does not occur, which may lead to infertility. Increased level of Insulin in blood, excess production of male hormone called testosterone, abnormally high amount of testosterone prevent ovulation. Infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, excess hair growth, ache and obesity can occur in women with PCOD. In adolescents, infrequent or absent menstruation may signal the condition. In women difficulty becoming pregnant or unexplained weight again may be the first sign. Early Diagnosis and treatment may reduce the risk of long-term complications, such as Type 2-diabets and Heart disease.

Prevention and Treatment

Ayurveda is preventing PCOD in a natural way by balancing the doshas. Ayurveda suggests panchakarma, proper diet and life cycle changes to cure this disease.


Panchakarma which completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions from toxins. It Rejuvenates the body by reducing weights and restores regular menstrual cycle and ovulation. It provides strength to the reproductive organs like Uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes and vagina and maintains normal balance.


Relaxation is the key in PCOD.Posture’s designed for PCOD helps to open up the pelvic area and promote relaxation and strength to the entire reproductive organs.


The Diet plan should be tailored as per individual requirement and degree of insulin resistance. Eating at regular intervals is advised.


For a good health, it is very important that one should be in control of his/her mind. Without a healthy mind, one cannot achieve a healthy body.Ayurveda considers depression or stress is linked with a basic element of the body tissues called “Ojas” a misbalance in this element within the body causes the individual to get stressed and anxious. To bring back this lost balance of ‘Ojas’ and to reduce amount of stress,Ayurvedic treatments are aimed at removal of toxic substances from the body system and nourishing the body at the same time.


Vata predominance is seen in Spine disorders. Wrong postures,prolapsed,herniated or bulge of intervertebral disc, sprain in muscle or ligament, inflammation of the pelvic joints, chronic constipation, sciatica any of this can cause either a sudden or gradual onset of low back ache. Oral medication and treatments like Kativasti, Kayaseka, Dhanyamla dhara, pathrapotala swedam and vasthi help to alleviate the vitiated vata. Certain yoga postures are also helpful for strengthening the spine.


The reason for overweight vary from family history, sedentary life style, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, food habits, etc. powder massage with herbal powder or herbal pastes(Udwarthanam)therapeutic massage with specific oils(Abhyanga),steam bath, special diet and yoga sessions works as a life style modification program. In certain cases, panchakarma therapies are also administered.

Wellness Program

  • Slimming programme
  • Hair care
  • Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Beauty care programme

Slimming programme

Slimming programme – weight loss naturally This includes two types of massages

  • Medicated herbal powder massage
  • Medicated herbal oil massage
  • Medicated purgative therapy
  • Diet Clinic:-Weight loss juices, salads, gruel preparations etc.

These therapies are carried on for a period of 28days depending on the patient’s prakruthi (body constitution).Intake of herbal juice, herbal preparations and Ayurvedic diet is advised during the period. Body massage using herbal powder is called Udwarthanam .The medicated powder is applied all over the body and massage is done in the opposite direction of the hair roots, with appropriate pressure.

Hair care

Ayurveda believes that hair fall control is very much associated to the body type and also the stability of your mind –body structure.Ayurveda considers the hair as a by product of bone formation. The tissues which are responsible for bone formation are also responsible for your hair growth. Dandruff is also an other cause for hair fall.Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes diet, meditation, yoga and medicated oil head massage.

Rejuvenation therapy

This treatment includes body massage with hand with medicated oil, head massage with oil &herbal mixtures, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. This therapy is for 45mins-1 hr per day for 7 to 14 days. This therapy helps to rejuvenate mind, body and soul to tone up skin, to strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

Beauty care Program

The procedure includes mukhabhyanga,swedana,scrubbing and lepanam. The goal of this Ayurvedic facial is to cleanse, tone, nourish, rejuvenate and moisturise the skin while creating a deep experience of calm in both mind and body which radiates from the face. The massage component focuses on the marma points of the face, neck, and shoulders and refreshes the skin.

Pregnancy care

Pregnancy is a perfectly natural state and should be happy, healthy and exciting period in your life. Your baby is completely dependent on you for everything .so your diet must include foods that supply what your baby need to build a healthy body.

Facilities we provide:-

1. Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise is very important to you and your baby. If you stay active you will feel better. Outdoor exercise and recreation give you a chance to get sunshine and fresh air. Tailor sitting, Tailor Press, Tailor Stretch,Kegel exercise, Breathing techniques etc...

2. Yoga during Pregnancy

The practice of yoga can help you to prepare your mind and body for labor and birth as this helps you to focus, to concentrate and keep you healthy.The yoga postures are gentle ways of keeping your body healthy and supple and minimize the common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and constipation. It also can relax tension around the cervix and birth canal and opening the pelvis.

3. Diet Counselling during pregnancy

Dietary regimen in pregnancy is one of the most essential aspect which should be taken care of ,as the growth of the foetus solely depends upon the health & nutrition of the mother.According to Ayurveda,the nutrition or energy obtained from the mother’s diet secures there important functions,firstly ,nourishment and growth of the baby and preparation for formation of breast milk. Some basic dietary rules should be followed such as having timely meals is essential,it helps in proper digestion and keeps mother healthy.Dietary supplements like fresh fruits,vegetables,milk and ghee should be consumed regularly in desirable amount. Ayurveda recommends including few things in diet corresponding to month of pregnancy which adds to the foetus.

4. Massage during pregnancy

Medicated oil massage given from 28-56 days.


Back massage with particular Ayurvedic oils helps to relieve back pain.Mild to moderate pressure can be applied over back. Foot massage helps to induce deep relaxation and avoid foot pain. Head massage helps in relaxing mind,relieving anxiety. Calf massage helps to relieve leg cramps. Body massage helps relaxation and strengthening of muscles,joints and bones.Relieves aches and Pain. If daily massage is done starting from early days of pregnancy,stretch marks in pregnancy can easily be avoided.

Antenatal class

Antenatal classes can helps you and yours partner to prepare for labor,birth and early parenthood. Topics include:
  • Your developing baby
  • Changes for you
  • Giving birth and meeting your baby
  • Caring for your baby
  • Your health and well being

Mother and Childcare

The initial week soon after delivery is of immense importance. Both mother and the newly arrived guest need attention and special care. Mother care Oil massage and medicated steam bath Massage starts after 5-10 days. It helps to strengthen the ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints of the whole body, it smoothens skin and relieves pain.

Baby care

Baby Oil massage and bath can soothe your baby and help the baby to sleep, improving weight gain, aiding digestion ,improving circulation and easing teething pain, develop mentally, socially and physically and a Luke warm water bath will be given.

Spa therapy

A heaven of peace and tranquillity set against ambience of natural beauty for those who wish to relax, restore and rejuvenate ,body, mind and spirit. Spa therapy includes different type’s spa messages; Body polishing, Body Wrapping, Manicure and pedicure and reflexology. Spa massages Types includes;-

  • Thai massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Aroma massage
  • Cream massage
  • Lomi-Lomi
  • Deep tissue massage